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How to optimize my web for mobile devices.

October 30, 2010

Do you have a web site and need to make it accessible from mobile Iphone or Android based Phones? Do I need to develop a Iphone App or Android App?

You do not need to develop a native Iphone App or Android App to expose your website to mobile devices. Your web site can be browsed in the Iphone through the Safari Mobile browser or the Android browser. Even though your web site might be displayed in a very small size and the user will need to zoom out and scroll your web site to be able to read it in small pieces.

Take a look at the next screen shot and compare the same web site i two modes: not optimize and optimize for mobile devices.

This Web Site Not optimized to be displayed in the Iphone:

The same web Site optimized to be displayed in the Iphone:

Notice that in the mobile version the user will not need to zoom out the screen or scroll horizontally. Also the content, ads, menus have to be optimized for mobile, since the screen space in mobile devices is limited to a reduce resolution.

How we can optimize a web site for mobile devices? There is not need to develop a native Iphone App or Android App. You can use HTML 5 to optimize your web site for mobile devices.

HTML5 is a standard HTML and it includes special tags or instructions available for mobile browsers. HTML 5 in combination of CSS can produce a nice mobile formatted web page using the same page you use for desktop browsers, so you can avoid having to maintain another set of pages for mobile applications.

Once you have your web site optimized for mobile phones, you can submit your web site to Apple, without any charge nor paid membership:


HTML5 will work for most mobile browsers, so when I should write a native app instead of a web app?

You should write a native app, only when you need features not easily accessible from the browser, like GPS, motion effects for games, etc.