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Microsoft AdCenter Publisher Beta Program

April 25, 2009

Do you have Adsense in your web site? Do you want to try Microsoft Publisher Beta Program? I tried in one of my web sites.

First you have to sign up using this link:


After that you'll receive an invitation E-mail to be able to join to the Microsoft AdCenter Publisher Beta:


The Terms and Conditions Agreement indicates the following:

CONFIDENTIALITY.  The Service, including its user interface (including reporting interface),
features, performance (e.g., click-through rates, eCPM, or other performance statistics provided to you
by Microsoft) and documentation, is confidential and proprietary to Microsoft and its suppliers. 

 As Adsense Programs, I can not reveal CTR, eCPM, or other statistics. But Adsense allows you to reveal your earnings, so I will share some information with you.

  I am surprise by the excelent job Microsoft did in the adCenter Publisher. It was so easy to configure and setup ads. It was very similar to Adsense, the way you can configure sizes, colors, channel, competitive filters, etc. 


There is an option to save your ads as a template, so you do not have to start from the scratch every time you need to setup an ad for your web sites.

I use to test the ads in a localhost web site before publish the ads to the real web site, while this localhost testing works fine in AdSense, AdCenter Publisher does not deliver ads in the localhost testing web site. I had to publish the ads in the production web site to be able to see the ads without testing.

The ads started to display immediately, even though the relevance of the ads related to the web site theme was disappointed. The web site www.bbpctv.com is a TV guide to watch Television shows online, and most of the web pages have a title like "Watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars Online" for example, and this title is also in the meta tags of the web pages. Instead of receiving TV related ads as expected, I started to receive ads like "Men's Watches", "Luxury Watches", etc as you can see below.


I also notice that no ads images were delivered to my web site.

 Having this kind of ads, it is not difficult to predict the conversions or Click-through rate the will provide. Obviously compared with Adsense CTR, the Microsoft AdCenter CTR collapsed. But the few clicks I received produced a revenue per click higher than the average adsense revenue per click for this niche.

Microsoft is just starting with this AdCenter and the application is fantastic, but the ads delivery needs some extra work in the relevance related with the publisher's web site. You have to understand also that Microsoft does not have the Google Ads inventory yet, so they will deliver a limited inventory of ads available to my web site. Another reason for the ads delivered to my web site could be simply that my niche does not have enough relevance in the MS AdCenter Publisher Beta. This does not mean that other niches Microsoft will perform the same. 

Actually, I'm looking forward to test AdCenter Publisher in other of my web sites, but for now I getting back Adsense in bbpctv.com.