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Bye Bye BlogEngine, welcome WordPress

September 8, 2011

I’ve been using BlogEngine for this and other blogs for few years now. I most familiar with Microsoft Products, so I setup multiple blogs in BlogEngine, which uses SQL Server, ASP .NET.  I though that Microsoft can keep this tool competitive. After few years, BlogEngine end it up having about a hundred of extensions, WordPress surpass the thousands of plugins. I had to fix BlogEngine bugs myself, and there are not enough number of users using this tool.


WordPress is other story. Even though not so familiar with PHP and MySQL. You can find unlimited number of resources. The users are counted in millions, and the innovation and themes are continuously updated. WordPress has also a MultiSite option, no existing in BlogEngine. I decided to migrate all of them to WordPress. I will explain How to set up and Migrate to WordPress from BlogEngine in another post.