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Creating a friendly link or URL for my google plus page

November 9, 2011

How I created a friendly URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for my web site www.optimumclick.com ? When you create a google plus page for your business, you’ll get a link that you can use to tell the world about your google plus page. The link or URL generated is similar to this:


Google also gives you a badge linked to the same URL.

What about if you want to use shorter and more friendly URL than the one provided by Google?

I need a URL that can be easy to remember, so I can type it automatically without think about it.

The ideal would be something like this:



http://plus.google.com/[[your domain]]

Even though this option is not allowed for google pages, it only allowed for google plus profile accounts. I’m not sure if Google will offer the feature to customize the Google page URL in the future, like Twitter and Facebook offer. Anyways, Google Plus has a search box where you can find your page by the domain or page name in the search box.

Some people recommend creating a Google plus account instead for your business. Even though the visitor will have to navigate from your Google plus profile to the Google plus page. Also, How about if you need multiple google plus page for multiple business, then I would have to create multiple Google plus accounts? This solution is not good. I want to create multiple google plus pages from my unique google plus profile. Besides Google says the Google plus account profiles are not for business. If you are a business you should use the Google Pages instead.

There are also people recommending some redirect web services to achieve a short and friendly URL like ShortURL or TinyURL. I do not recommend this because you will have to rely to a third party domains to link to your google plus page. This can even damage your organic search engine optimization by not having direct links to your google plus page.

Finally, my solution is simple and easy to implement. If you have a google plus page, then just create a redirect link with the following format:

[[your domain.com]]/googleplus

in my case, it will be:


Easy to remember because is your web site with the “googleplus” word included.

Redirecting is easy in IIS or Apache. If you are using WordPress, I recommend you to use add the Redirection plug in to your WordPress web site.

install plugin redirection

install plugin redirection

It easy to configure as it shown below:

Source URL: /googleplus

Target URL: https://plus.google.com/115668965316147334355

After configure the Redirection Plugin, you can use the link: Google Plus or you can type directly in your browser:


Now you know the most memorable link or URL to go to your google plus page is your [[your domain]]/googleplus

Will this link be the standard to link to all google pages? I think so, unless Google change this link or it allow users to custom the Google plus page URL.