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How to add a Google gadget to a widget in WordPress

November 30, 2011

Gadget? Widget? What’s the difference? It is really same thing. Gadget or Widgets are contains reusable HTML code that you can plug in your web site.
If you have a WordPress web site, then you are familiar with a Widget, which are small piece of HTML with PHP. You can drag an drop a WordPress widget in a section of your web page. Usually when you install a plug in, it will generate a new widget, so you can activate and change some widget’s settings in your pages.
widgets wordpress page


A Google Gadget is also a piece of reusable HTML and you are able to add to your web site by copy and paste the HTML code, which uses the Google API. If you know how to edit HTML in you WordPress web site, then it will be a piece of cake to insert a Google Gadget Code. If you are more comfortable with Plugins you can install a plug in called: Widgetize Google Gadgets.

Once you install the Widgetize Google Gadgets plugin, your wordpress web site will include a widget with a link where you can go to the Google Gadget Directory.

Google Gadget Widget

In the Google Gadget Directory , you can browse thousand of gadgets. Once you select your favorite gadget, you can configure some settings, like the background, before generate the Google Gadget code.

Google Gadget Get Code

Copy the Code from the Google Gadget to WordPress¬† ( Widgetize Google Gadgets Widget), save it and that’s it.

Now your wordpress web site display a Google Gadget.