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Facebook Google Twitter Counters performance comparison

December 6, 2011

I noticed every time a Social counter is added to a web page, this page slows down. These buttons have all default settings, nothing special, even though if you refresh the page, you’ll notice that the Twitter counter appears first, Google plus comes second, and Facebook counter is display last in the browser. It could be the database size of these web sites? Facebook it is the older and it has millions of web sites to count, next Google plus, then Twitter. Or It could be the download time of the files needed for these counters?

Google Plus button with counter:

Facebook button with counter:

Twitter button with counter:

I use Firebug to do a comparison of the download time of the files associated with the Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter counters.

Facebook downloads 4 files with total size of 115.4KB, meanwhile GooglePlus downloads 99.8KB in 6 files and lastly Twitter downloads 19.9KB in files. Some files are being download in parallel so it takes less time.

One of the Twitter files takes the longest to download, 1.71 seconds. The longest for Facebook takes 715 miliseconds, and Google Plus takes 329 miliseconds.

These numbers explain the order how they appear in the browser. Let me know if you have a way to improve the performance of these counters, for now I’m removing the counters from my web sites.